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Courtyard by Marriott, 12 Dec 2023

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Vikas Khanchandani

CEO, Republic TV

A media professional & entrepreneur with 18 years of multifunctional experience working across digital, television and ad/ media technology. He is one of the few privileged media professional with varied experiences and exposure within the industry working with some of the finest media companies and evolving into an entrepreneurial role. Vikas started his media career at STAR India working directly with Raj Nayak on Sales and Marketing strategies for STAR Network of channels. Partnered with him to set up NDTV Media Ltd, the commercial arm for NDTV and drove phenomenal growth for the company creating a benchmark within the news genre and leading the category. The news landscape continued to change and fragment whilst they continued to build the brand and innovate on monetisation. The journey with Raj continued to set up an independent Media Services business at AIDEM and then an opportunity to captain the ship through some rough weather as an entrepreneur to safer waters. They managed to build a technology media services business from scratch to the leading player within the digital delivery of ad commercials, a non existent market until eBus. They also managed a successful and valuable exit from the JV to the global player IMD and retain the business as an exclusive service provider for sales and support. They took some of their digital publishers partnership to build a new company called Zirca DIgital which is already a well recognized Digital services player on the supply side working with some of the finest global publishers, tools and technology.

Vikas teamed up with Arnab Goswami to launch Republic English and their digital business. The channel launched with a smashing 52% market share in its maiden week and it continues to lead within the English News genre. After the commercial success of English, the team is working towards launch of Republic Bharat their foray into Hindi language which is the largest regional language business. The team aspires to be a leading News content platform within the country and has plans to look at a global news platform from India.

He has experiences and in depth understanding within Television, Digital and Media Technology. He feels that the the future of media is convergence and the ability to monetise the audiences across multiple platforms with data and technology as a great enabler. His biggest positive is that he is extremely driven, self-motivated and loves new experiences.